Leisure and Entertainment Access

Currently the kids and youth from Keralux have no access to leisure and entertainment within the community and there are no family activities. The only options available are the kite, play ball and riding bike; which could be dangerous and do not fulfill a final goal. On the other hand, we noticed the lack of communication between the different institutions in Keralux. As a result, the common spaces are not very well used.

For that reason: We would to design a toy/game that is mobile/ low cost, which can be used inside and outside, and allows boys and girls from 7 to 15 years to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Solution: Our design was born from the conversations the team had with kids from the community and it looks to provide a space where spaces are not really available. For our proposal we will use a structure that already exists in Keralux; the boundary wall on the main road. The project consists in a series of game scenarios built upon this wall, what allows a simple surface to give origin to spaces for kids to play on the sidewalk and part of the street. In addition to that, the wall will contain a roulette that will allow the kids to decide, among a great variety of games, which one they want to play. Both, the wall and the roulette, will have free spaces for the kids to create their own new games from new experiences.

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