Ecological Construction

The Description:

ECONS is worked in Bairro dos Freitas with PUPA and the local community to raise awareness about local ecological issues and the potential benefits offered by alternative construction methods.

Using these alternative construction methods, instead of concrete blocks could be a cheaper and quicker way for people to build or extend houses. ECONS is developing a low cost brick press with PUPA. This would allow families to produce their own “ecological bricks” by compacting soil, sand and cement and then drying them naturally in the shade. Currently, these bricks are produced and sold on a much larger scale by many companies, but are rarely used by the local community.

PUPA’s local and online presence is also being developed through new signs and new digital content. This could engage more members of the local community with the work of PUPA and encourage more sustainable practices in Bairro dos Freitas.

The Final Prototype:

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More Resources:

Final Report

The Team:

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