To the right are brief descriptions of several design challenges from IDDS past and present. These challenges were proposed by our community partners, participants, and organizing staff.


Aluminum Recycling

The Aluminum Recycling Project in Chazanga involved the participation and evaluation of the Aluminum casting process. More →

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Avocado Processing

Avocados are plentiful in some areas but spoil quickly and have limited value, selling for as little as 25 Tanzanian Shillings each. More →


Bean Threshing

Hand threshing and separation of beans is labor-intensive and time-consuming and results in post-harvest losses. More →


Charcoal Processing

The Charcoal Processing Project Team created a low cost Kiln using locally available material to improve the burning… More →

child nutrition

Child Nutrition

The Child Nutrition Project Team designed a prototype that combines direct and indirect heating methods in one device to make… More →


Coffee Processing

Coffee shelling is often done manually by small-scale farmers on shelling machines, which is too strenuous and wasteful. More →


Ecological Construction

Alternative construction methods to concrete blocks could be a cheaper and quicker way for people to build or extend homes. More →


Financial Management Planning

Financial planning support can help people improve consumption effectiveness, boost savings and achieve their dreams/goals. More →



Many of the poorer homes in Dois Palitos lack proper flooring. Packed earth is prone to damage by flooding and can be uncomfortably damp. More →


ICT for Health

Anemia is a big problem, and if left undiagnosed and untreated it can cause maternal and infant death. More →


Improving Soil Fertility

Farming practices are needed that improve short and long term soil fertility while conserving soil through practices that minimize erosion. More →


Leisure and Entertainment Access

Kids and youth within the community have no access to leisure and entertainment and there are no family activities. More →


Life Skills Education

88% of secondary students do not proceed to form 5. They enter the workforce and are lacking necessary skills to create greater wealth. More →


Livestock Fodder Production

Through urbanization there is a shortage of grazable land and the need to feed livestock in different ways. More →

mestrual hygeine

Menstrual Hygiene

Lack of affordable, menstrual hygiene options is a challenge for rural school girls and often leads to extended absences… More →

Post harvest processing

Post-Harvest Storage

Pohatek is an air tight Maize storage container developed in collaboration with community members from Chitambala… More →

Recycling team photo


Concern over trash levels on the streets can be addressed by adding value to the abundance of low-value materials which are thrown away. More →



A waste management and treatment system is need that meets the needs of the community and caters for future growth in the number of users. More →


Urban Agriculture

Growing food is an opportunity to redistribute spending, but the lack of open space and lack of time make it challenging.
More →

waste managemnt

Waste Management

Chawama Township in Lusaka generates large quantities of garbage. This presents a number of opportunities for the youth… More →


Water Accessibility

Water accessibility in many areas is very limited especially during the dry season when sources run low. More →

health ICT

Health ICT

Heart Beat 5 is a simple SMS service that provides health information to mothers with children under 5, in collaboration with… More →

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Palm Leaf Processing

The Palms Project Team aimed to improve product quality and diversity through introduction of new technology and… More →