Crossman Hormenoo

(Em Inglês) Crossman Hormenoo works as a Workshop Manager of the Suame Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit, which is a part of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. His duties include the design and manufacture of a wide range of machinery and processes used in agriculture, food processing, wood processing and general industrial processing. He had further trainings in design and construction of equipment for small scale industries in Kenya, design of jigs and fixtures in Hyderabad, India, heat treatment and metal finishing technology in Japan, and aluminium technology in Thailand. His area of interest is focused around developing simple technologies to help reduce poverty and help improve the quality of life for those living in developing countries. He particpated in IDDS 2007 and for four weeks he and histeam worked on a low cost refrigerator project . He returned as an organizer for the 2008-2010 conferences, and excited to be back for another round of IDDS spirit in his home country of Ghana in 2011!

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