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Participant Selection Process

For those who are wringing their hands and wondering about the participant selection process, here is a bit of info how it works and how many applications we’ve recieved this year.

For IDDS Zero Waste applicants – we are in Round 3 as we’re finishing selecting the Colombian participants by next week and will then start looking at the financial assistance forms by next weekend for all accepted participants.

For IDDS D’Kar and IDDS Aarogyam applicants – we are starting Round 2 this weekend.

All applicants will know their full status (acceptance, waitlist, non-acceptance) as well as the amount of financial assistance available for them by mid Feb.

It’s been exciting to see how many incredible people there are across the globe. I wish we could take everyone. The decisions will be tough for sure! Best wishes to all!

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Info on IDDS Applicants!

For those who have been wondering, “So what type of people apply to participate in an IDDS?” Here are some fun infographics that break down what type of applicants we received for each summit.

Applications are currently under review and all applicants will know their status by mid February.  Best wishes to all!