Public Events

This year, IDDS travels to Cambridge, Botswana, Colombia, and Ghana. Look out for more information about participant applications coming soon!

November 8, 2014

Rethink Relief 2014 – Pader, Uganda

Rethink Relief is an intense design workshop dedicated to creating technologies for humanitarian relief that specifically address the gap between short-term relief and long-term sustainable development. This hands-on event is an unique opportunity for practitioners, … More →

June 14, 2015

IDDS Waste – Cali, Colombia

Date: June 14 – June 28, 2015 Location:  Cali, Colombia IDDS Waste is a two-week, bi-lingual (English and Spanish), waste-themed design summit in Cali, which will bring together waste pickers, business leaders, municipal workers, students, … More →

July 5, 2015

IDDS 2015 – Refining Prototypes

Date: July 5 – August 8, 2015 Location:  Kumasi, Ghana IDDS 2015 is a five-week summit that aims to provide an international platform for developing technological solutions to challenges prevailing in agriculture, renewable energy, and … More →

August 15, 2015

IDDS D’kar – Botswana

Date: August 15 – August 30, 2015 Location:  D’Kar, Botswana The San communities in Bostswana have a variety of appropriate technologies that they interact with daily as they strive in their desert environment.  These technologies … More →