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Final presentations – finishing with a flourish

For three weeks, nine multi disciplinary and multi cultural teams worked together on technologies and ventures that they believe can have a positive impact on communities in the developing world. The variety of ventures worked … More →

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The 4th Annual IDDS Potluck (and the 1st International Spud Fest)

After another gruelling set of Design Reviews, the IDDS participants had a chance to enjoy the lighter side of things over the last couple of days. The Reviews once again gave the teams many questions … More →

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Design Reviews and Cowboy boots

This is a rather long overdue post on last week’s progress within the team projects, some of the insights teams were able to draw from the curriculum and how the teams fared with their first … More →

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Unreasonable picnics and unusual presentations

The participants had one more early morning to contend with before they could take the weekend off, and this time the class was focused on Bill of Materials and Manufacturing techniques. One key aspect all … More →

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Learning to Un-build, and mapping out the quest

At previous IDDS summits, there has always been ‘Build it’ modules within the first week, to get people thinking like creators and builders, but this year a slightly different approach was taken. Participants split into … More →

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IDDS kicks off in Colorado

The day IDDS begins is always a pretty special one for all involved, and our first in Colorado State University (CSU) proved no different. The nine long months of planning, protracted visa negotiations, long distance … More →

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Reflections on Ghana, and Looking Forward to Colorado

We often hear IDDS spoken of as an open narrative, rather than a conference that has a defined start and end point. It would be true to say that this year’s summit will be shorter … More →

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