IDDS 2014 has it’s own Tumblr!

IDDS 2014 has migrated to it’s own Tumblr!  Follow the people, the projects, and communities on our Tumblr page here:   More →

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Getting Organized!

IDDS wouldn’t be the same without it’s organizers; they bring not only the expertise, but the life and warmth of the IDDS spirit to participants at every turn of the experience.  This week, organizers have … More →

A big welcome to the IDDS 2014 Participants!

This week IDDS 2014 will kick off with nearly 50 participants, 4 of whom are from each of the communities we’ll be working with in Mbulumbulu, Leguruki, Okolili, and Mekanya.  A big and warm IDDS … More →

Projects 2013


Charcoal Processing

The Charcoal Processing Project Team created a low cost Kiln using locally available material to improve the burning… More →

child nutrition

Child Nutrition

The Child Nutrition Project Team designed a prototype that combines direct and indirect heating methods in one device to make… More →

mestrual hygeine

Menstrual Hygiene

Lack of affordable, menstrual hygiene options is a challenge for rural school girls and often leads to extended absences… More →

Post harvest processing

Post-Harvest Storage

Pohatek is an air tight Maize storage container developed in collaboration with community members from Chitambala… More →

waste managemnt

Waste Management

Chawama Township in Lusaka generates large quantities of garbage. This presents a number of opportunities for the youth… More →



The Aluminum Recycling Project in Chazanga involved the participation and evaluation of the Aluminum casting process. More →

health ICT

Health ICT

Heart Beat 5 is a simple SMS service that provides health information to mothers with children under 5, in collaboration with… More →

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Palm Leaf Processing

The Palms Project Team aimed to improve product quality and diversity through introduction of new technology and… More →

7 July – 9 Aug

The International Development Design Summit is an intense, hands-on design experience that brings together people from all over the world and all walks of life to create technologies and enterprises that improve the lives of people living in poverty. More →

Public Events

In Tanzania this summer?  Come visit the IDDS 2014 showcase booths at the Nane Nane agricultural fair festival on August 8 in Arusha! More →




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